Spiritual Bigfoot: A Personal Journey

Is Bigfoot something more than just a primate? One man's journey leads to unexpected contact with the spiritual Bigfoot.

"I feel like it's trying to
make connections with us" - Alan

Paranormal Investigator Alan Megargle embarks on a 3-year journey to make contact with the legendary Bigfoot. As he travels across the United States his experiences compound and his perspective shifts. He begins to open his mind to the possibility that Sasquatch may not be just an elusive primate, but something more. Armed with a new approach, he makes unexpected contact that changes everything.


  • Alan Megargle
  • Dr. Rebecca Foster
  • Tobe Johnson
  • Jay Bachochin


  • Ronald C Meyer
  • Thom Powell
  • Tish Paquette
  • Nicolle Leanne


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